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26 December 2010 @ 01:56 am
Sending out a loving wish for happiness, joy, peace and prosperity with your loved ones for this festive season!

Here's to another year - where hopefully I will produce a leeeeeeeeeetle more fanfic!

Take care of yourselves and have a WONDERFUL holiday time!

And please check out my Christmas video!

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26 October 2010 @ 09:24 pm
So, the last couple of years I have taken advantage of NaNoWriMo for the sole purposes of writing JxHQ fanfiction. Which is technically against the rules, but I think we all know how I feel about rules. :P

I’ve barely written any fanfiction this year at all - coming in even slacker than I was last year. Of course, I HAVE been BUSY with other stuff - lol - but I still feel guilty.

So! What’s the verdict? Would folks who read my fanfic enjoy reading new material? Would you be excited or pleased to get a slew of more fic in the wake of NaNoWriMo? Please leave a comment with your answer! :)
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25 September 2010 @ 10:52 am
Hey all,

Welp, if you've got some spare time and feel like reading a long, rambling, self-indulgent report of SDCC focused on Batcentric materials and celebrity encounters, you can give the below a whirl - it was my first SDCC, and so I was fairly hyperactive about the whole experience. ;)

SDCC: Preview Night
In this Chapter: Nicola Scott, Anthony Winn and Gotham Public Works

SDCC: Day One
In this Chapter: Kevin Altieri, Bruce Timm, Gail Simone, Dustin Nguyen, Stan Lee, Josh Finney & Kat Rocha, Stewart McKenny, Tallest Silver & Kit Quinn, Scott Zambelli

SDCC: Day Two
In this Chapter: Paul Dini, Grant Morrison, Kevin Altieri, GC5, Under the Red Hood

SDCC: Day Three
In this Chapter: Paul Dini, John DiMaggio, Harleypalooza, Gotham Public Works, Mark Hamill

SDCC: Day Four
In this Chapter: Bruce Timm, Dustin Nguyen, Nicola Scott, Stewart McKenny, Gotham Public Works, Paul Dini, Josh Finney & Kat Rocha

It was amazing!
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01 September 2010 @ 12:53 pm
Now that the Joker has officially "returned from the dead" and Harley has been established as a once-again recurring character in Gotham City Sirens, it is well passed due time that DC reunited the crazy couple.

It would seem that DC are at least somewhat aware of how popular the two are as a couple as evidenced in the continued release of complementary collectibles and that they are frequently seen joined in flashbacks, elseworlds and in other media (such as video games).

But fans are sick and tired of seeing them only on the periphery in this way. It's been years since they were properly together within the mainstream continuity and as characters they are far more interesting when they have each other to play off of and further them as characters.

The only way to make DC listen is if we get organised and actively campaign them and make them aware of our desires.

The best way to do that is proactively - to get off our butts and do things OLD-SCHOOL.

DC pay attention to fans' feedback if fans go the extra step to contact them personally. Forget email, forget online petitions, forget just bitching on message boards and in forums - the best way to garner DC's attention is with good, old-fashioned LETTER WRITING!


These have been proven to be the most effective way of getting DC to take notice of feedback:

Think about DC's incoming daily mail. Insane. Don't waste your time or theirs with envelopes - a single piece of paper that can be picked up and its message read instantly is the way to go.

Hey, if anyone loves to ramble about these two, it's me. You all know that! But DC, by and large, just doesn't care. The creative teams & editors are too busy to read long, rambling, philosophical meta essays. Many DC staff trawl the internet and read fans' websites, but they do that on their own time. SO. Don't carry on. Tell them simply: I miss Joker and Harley being together as a couple. They really add something unique to the Batman world. When will we see them back together again? Soon, I hope!

Yeah, I'm angry, you're angry, we're all angry. Save it for the internet. Keep it upbeat, light-hearted, friendly. Keep it to the basic information. Mention how much you enjoyed past stories with the two together and how you can't wait to read some more - they're such a great couple and their stories are always so fun and entertaining.

Seriously, get up off the couch now, find a postcard and a stamp and do it. Don't talk, take action.

If we FLOOD DC with hundreds of postcards all saying the same thing - PUT JOKER & HARLEY BACK TOGTEHER - they are going to take notice.


So - let's do so.

The address to write to:
Dan Didio
DC Comics
1700 Broadway
New York, NY 10019
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27 August 2010 @ 04:29 pm
Thank you, kproflostsouls for giving this ship a chance and for sending me this message!

Hi. I've read some of your work on ff.net and have atucally written somthing for the joker x harley fanfiction archive.

I just want to say that you really made me think about the relationship of harley and joker in a differnt way. I started to grow to love joker after reading the killing joke some years back but never really liked his romantic relationship with harley...but you made me see a certain charm in it.

so thank you for expanding my horizons.

Thank YOU for allowing them to be expanded! <3
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Title: To Catch A Thief
Author: Princess Bee
Rating: M
Status: Complete
Characters: Joker and Harley Quinn
Pairings: JokerxHarley :)
Prompt: 23: plot/scheme

Summary: I'm so annoyed, looking over the entries of the past almost-year to see they are nothing more than empty promises and smut!!!
WELL, that all changes with this fic, which I have been working on longer than I care to say right now. :P NO SMUT AT ALL - but uh, themes of strong violence!

A mysterious rash of Charlie Chaplin crimes are sweeping Gotham City and it seems they're designed to attract the attention of the Joker. Just who is behind them - and why?


Feedback: Please leave concrit, ravings, thoughts and feelings at fanfiction.net. Or leave them here!
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13 August 2010 @ 04:12 pm
Title: Object
Author: Princess Bee
Rating: NC-17
Status: Complete
Characters: Joker and Harley Quinn
Pairings: JokerxHarley :)
Genre: Smut, ECP, erotica


OH MAH GAWD I can't believe the last thing I posted in this journal was that damn April Fool's fic! Sorry ya'll, you must've been thinking it wasn't a joke at all! No, my heart still belong to JxHQ and to prove it, here is another little smutlet I pounded (heh) out last night. I AM working on another fic (non-smut) and, as always, wish I had the same amount of time as I used to to write out all the crazy fic ideas that still brim in my head...


Feedback: Please leave concrit, ravings, thoughts and feelings at JxH.net. Or leave them here!
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15 July 2010 @ 08:49 pm
Hey all,

Tomorrow night I board a jetplane to make my way back to the ole US of A to attend San Diego Comic Con!

Sooo exciting!

So while there, I will be keen to connect with anyone who has supported my work or been a friend to me online.

My current schedule of planned panels & events to attend is viewable here.

And I will be twittering throughout the whole con, so follow me on twitter to keep up with my doings and dealings!

See ya in San Diego!
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Hi all,

As you all know, I've been quiet with fanfiction for about a year now.

There IS a reason for that. I know I keep saying it's because "I'm busy", but the truth is... I always find time for the things I love, no matter how busy I am. So... how was I going to find the love in fanfiction again?

I had to do some soul searching and the answer shocked me. It took me a long time to come to terms with this but I finally have and so I present to you my latest fic - a heralding of a radical new direction for my work.


This is just a preview...

EDIT: APRIL FOOL'S! YES I know you all probably figured it out, but yes, just a gag - don't worry! I really am just busy and I really do only love JxHQ and more JxHQ fic will come from me in the future! <3
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29 January 2010 @ 11:29 am
Title: Score
Author: Princess Bee
Rating: NC-17
Status: Complete
Characters: Joker and Harley Quinn
Pairings: JokerxHarley :)
Genre: Smut, ECP, erotica
Prompt: 52: crave

Summary: Another in my series of 'smutlets'. There's underlying power-exchange in this one but it's also pretty straightforward BONING! YAY BONING!!

I just got in the mood to bang out (lulz!) some short porn last night. Oh yeah, it's SHORT! howzabout that? XD


Feedback: Please leave concrit, ravings, thoughts and feelings at JxH.net. Or leave them here!
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